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Several times have I bumped into investment platforms, hoping to make some good money as an innocent investor. Sometimes I get approached by very innocent looking people that end up coming out as smooth criminals. I’m not sure how they got my number, but I was approached by some beautiful damsel or a beautiful criminal to invest in a mining company.

I thought to myself, maybe this would be different. So I gave it a try. I’m not sure whether the face behind the damsel’s pictures was the same one communicating to me. Be worry of any beautiful damsels that approach you with the intention to make you money. Trusting them with your money or your networks money will lead to nothing but problems, loss of respect and embarrassment. I have the photos for those interested. Have forwarded some of them to my good friends at Interpol, including the original face so of the management. We later discovered what the original faces were. But it’s good to forward both.


In a discovery that I later made after investing, this is a website that has not lasted long online. It claims to be a cryptocurrency mining company that was started in 2017, but the information from Scam Adviser recognizes this site as very new, in fact, late 2021 new, and therefore has not earned the trust of anyone much in the public domain.

The “Face of Innocence”

This is one of those websites that pop up quickly, and since they don’t have a bad history due to their new nature, they misuse that opportunity to approach as many as quickly as possible and lock their investment money away.

So for any new comer, upon research online, by simply Googling, it becomes difficult to find any case of misconduct or scamming. They keep their investors under their thumb, by withholding their money as leverage, to prevent them from going online to tell the world the truth.

Founder and Location

Its a company that claims to hail from New Zealand, founded by one Nicau Ari in 2017, but the identity of their website is not known and therefore the country cannot be located. They have hidden who actually owns the link. The “beautiful agents” sent to potential investors use Nigerian phone numbers, have no credible social media accounts except Instagram, which have not lasted long.

Luring Incentives

Koininvestors make every good promise to lure you to buy bitcoins and transfer the bitcoins to them for investment. They make promises that may seem very appealing with some gesture of honesty. As soon one makes a deposit, they then come up with another excuse that looks attractive in order for the account holder to put in more money.

The excuse can be a loan with certain limits that need to be reached, some internal company electricity problem or sabotage that needs more money in order to be solved or a girl making promises about business partnerships, even courtships and marriage that never materialize. They come for the new investor with every appealing angle, including gifts of a car, a phone that never gets to reach you. Or some better future that never gets to reality.

Apparently, its the new trick in town, offering some excuse or incentive to be reached in order for the addicted investor to keep giving more money. The more money you put in, the chances are that the money will never be returned or approved for withdrawal at the request of the client.

Changing website links

May be upon the discovery of this article, the scammers may ditch as a link and then pop up with another new one not so long after, with the investment platform remaining the same. We have developed a new mechanism to notice those new links as soon as they are registered. We will be constantly including them in this article to warn anyone that tries to get into them.

Investment Account and Withdrawals

At first, the withdrawals are possible as they lure you in. The “Beautiful Agents” send you images of withdrawals of high amount of money, making the investor believe that the company is legit. As an investor at the initial stages, the withdrawals get to be approved. Making you believe that life is really easy with them. They create some fictitious circumstances that make it look really believable. But the client can never get to withdraw much money after a little period.

Some excuse will always be given of requiring more deposits. They know how to prey on the innocent emotions of the investor to make them desperately look for more money and sink them in some deeper financial hole with the hope of never to recover or get back to them.

Our investment accounts, together with referrals, have over 3000 USD that now cannot be withdrawn without “some condition” being fulfilled. Some of those conditions usually include the demand for more deposits either from the main referral account or the referral accounts themselves.

Lessons learned

Some close friend, a guy or most probably, a beautiful woman may approach you, offering some glamorous future of business partnerships or emotional engagement. Don’t buy whatever they are selling, especially if it involves the deposit of your hard earned money in some platform you may not be fully aware of. Stay clear that you stay peaceful and most importantly, keep your money.

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