Have you or your company ever heard of tech based investing or investment network marketing? Welcome to the brave new highly beneficial fintech world. Once in a while, a company comes up with the best way to give the common men and women like you and I an opportunity to be part of wealth making while pursuing 21st century technological innovations that have the potential to raise billions of dollars in personal wealth and income. Such an opportunity is rare in a surprisingly fast paced technological world. That’s why when the opportunity beckons; the brilliant opportunist will see them from a far and grab them before information reaches everyone, the benefits of being an early adopter.

So many opportunities have come by that most of us wish we could have grabbed before they were ever known. Microsoft, Google, Tesla, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn to name but a few,  have made the common investor that believed in them early enough extremely rich, while making their inventors extremely wealthy. Such an opportunity has arrived again with Impactnet Africa, a company based i Nairobi with an innovative fintech hub with the potential to make billions in the very nearest future. And once again, the brilliant opportunists will grab this opportunity and those that are skeptical will remain behind as their brothers and sisters get rich.

At Impactnet Africa, we consider the following ways as the best for raising the resources that we need to develop startups. They include

  • Consultancy
  • Non Profit Grant Applications to develop prototypes
  • Crowd Sourcing
  • Investing in other entities
  • Investing in the expansion of own startups


Getting clients that you can market your skills to can also raise funds as well to get projects started. There are two types of consultancies.

  • Private Consultancy; A client may privately seek a service or skill and give out payment for the same. Such consultancy may come through involvement in a group, like now we have shared projects with Youth for Better Kenya. The service that we majorly offer right now is online branding.
  • Online Skills Marketing: One can start an online shop or get involved with online shops and sell their skills and services. Platforms like Fiverr, Canva, Amazon, Jiji, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.
  • Online Commodities Marketing: Using the same platforms above, we sell rare earth minerals to whoever is interested, a genuine sale well below the international market price as we connect directly to the source, making things easier.

Non Profit Grant Applications to develop prototypes

One of the ways Impactnet Africa raises some small funding is through grants. These grants can be used to develop prototypes, once we have the prototypes then they can be pitched to investors during further rounds of funding or the crowd funded resources can be used to develop them for profit. Of high concern prototypes we have right now include:

  • Youth for Better Kenya
  • Impactnet Africa as an INGO
  • Climate Resilience and Environment Conservation (CRECP)
  • Ridepesa
  • ImpactLab
  • Speechbid
  • Tech4All

Crowd Sourcing

While we already have investors who have believed in us and our ideas, almost all of them have not yet officially benefitted from the startups that we have created yet. But some are turning out for the better and soon the will begin to earn money. We thank them for their patience as they receive shares from the company that will last them a lifetime of earnings. We work with crowdsourcing sites like

  • Fundrise
  • Crowd funder
  • Angel Investment Network and
  • Private Investor Sourcing.

Investing in Other entities

Probably one of the best ways of raising money

  • Money Market Fund
  • Treasury Bills or Bonds
  • Certificate of Deposits
  • Peer to Peer Lending
  • Savings and Credit Cooperative Societies
  • Acquisition of Company shares through the securities exchange.
  • Cryptocurrency mining (Highly Risky, could take your money so ensure all parameters are checked)

Investing in the expansion of own startups

Rest assured, all the efforts we make as Impactnet Africa are meant for one goal and one goal only, investing in the equipment and expansion of the startups that we have. The platforms created are meant to generate money and pay dividends back to all those who have given out their funding.

How does benefit with us

It is very simple really, Impactnet Africa gives out 10% of investments made every month. We take the money we receive from investors and put it in investments both internally and externally, with approaches underlined above, and the returns are forwarded to investors. Whoever is interested in investing with us can call +254727853896 or email admin@impactnetafrica.com

By Impactnet Africa

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