Impactnet Africa, as of the Monday of July 18th 2022, officially became an online news source, officially owned by Nelam Incorporated. We hire on behalf of Nelam Incorporated as well and so we would love to hear from you. This is your chance to get paid while you pursue your agenda of better governance.


We are looking for talented and passionate young people all over the country to begin their exciting career journey with us, which include;

  1. Team A: Broadcast Media Production
  2. Team B: A Network of Correspondents from all over Africa investigating and reporting news aligned to media,technology, business and public policy or governance.
  3. Team C:The best young IT or computer engineering professionals to create impregnable databases that will store and protect  data on platforms that Olives Media intends to develop.
  4. Team D: Administrative  Staff to help with other departments of Nelam Incorporated

For campus students, the qualifications include the following;

  1. Must be between third or fourth year in campus
  2. Must be a critical thinker and writer thinking on their feet.
  3. Must have a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.0 or Kenyan average Grade of B- and above on their entire Transcript.
  4. Must be passionate about media, governance, entrepreneurship and technology
  5. We prefer the fields of Broadcast and Print Journalism or Mass Communication, Information Technology, Mechanical and Computer Engineering, Business Administration and Law.
  6. Please indicate which of the four teams above you want to join.

For those who have already graduated or never made it to any college, one must have the following:

  1. Form Four certificate of C+ and above or Equivalent
  2. Must be passionate about public policy, governance, entrepreneurship and technology
  3. Those who have developed projects or prototypes of some kind will have higher advantage.
  4. For writers, those who have written articles before will have a higher advantage.

Application Procedure

Kindly fill this form and submit it. Also use our contacts page for further clarification on any information you may need.

  1. For freelance writers, once approved to be to be a part of our national correspondence network, negotiations on stipend will depend on how important the article gets to be on the site by referral publishing. We also intend to retain some of our regular writers who will eventually become part of Olives Media’s national network of Journalists with regular salary. It all depends on how well we all perform.
  2. For information technology and those interested in other fields within the company, when qualified, the entry point will be a three to six months paid internship after which regular salary will be given depending on the financial strength of the company. We also prefer that those we recruit to join the team stay loyal and passionate about their work, putting work first and benefits will come automatically. This group must also create a cohesive creative culture, like hackerthons for example.
  3. This is Nelam Incorporated’s flagship program, in other words, it is the first stage of the projected stable growth for the company. It is the entry stage for an exciting career with Olives Media which could turn out to be well for all of us.
  4. Finally, don’t forget to subscribe to the site as you develop your interest to collaborate with us.