By Andrew Omogo

Many have had their professional and personal lives altered by the emergence of the Covid-19 Pandemic. The fear of this virus spreading has led sovereign governments to implement some tough measures to prevent its spread. This unfortunately, has had some devastating unforeseen economic effects on each and every individual. As a result, the rise of the ultimate control of the digital age on almost every aspect of human life is inevitable.

You and I are some of the people that have most probably been negatively affected by the Covid-19 measures that have been implemented by various governments, they vary depending on where you reside. The lock downs have led to the closure of some businesses while others have had to completely reevaluate the delivery systems for their product and services in order to survive.  This has led to loss of jobs and adoption of new set of skills not really previously valued by some of us. 

All these lead to a very important question. How do you survive when you have been laid off or your little business has gone down the drain? What should one do to survive during these tough times? Various people have had their various experiences. As an entrepreneur and a public policy consultant, I have had mine that I will share with you today. Please pay attention and follow up on these efforts. They could literally change your financial fortunes. Choose one or three of the options and make all good efforts with them on your way to financial freedom. They include the following:

Consultancy and outsourced services

For a long time, I have been interested in mostly investigating public policy systems and developing concepts for the same. The best way to make money is solving a problem that you believe society desperately needs a solution for. In the process of gathering knowledge and skills on how to develop the same, I have had the luck of individuals or businesses approach me to develop or review several concepts or research papers with the aim to help them improve delivery of more products or services. This involves several components including innovation and marketing. In order to be a consultant, one has to learn several skills previously ignored because you never know which unique request may come as you cannot tell a client that you are incapable. Be good at something, however small or big. Have a particular skill set, and they will come.

Early Investment in sure Startups with a great future

For those that may have little money in reserves and have no idea where to put them, the best way is always to find a startup that has a future and shows signs of promise and then put your savings in them.

For example, as Impactnet Africa, we can assure any investor that we are the best startup in the market now. We may not be known much, and that is for strategic reasons, but the over ten concepts we have are going to change the fortunes of any individual(s) that get in with us early enough. We already have commitment of over seven million Kenya shillings from private investors who have seen the design of some of our prototypes. Investing in Impactnet Africa is investing in a future worth millions of dollars. With concepts like Ridepesa, Speechbid just to mention a few, we are a company set for a very bright future and we want to share that with anyone willing.

Our valuation now stands at 19 million Kenya shillings. Which means we are issuing 4,000 Convertible Preference Shares (20% of Impactnet Africa) @ KES 1,000 a share. The Convertible Preference Shares offer an annual return of 20% for the investor for as long as the company shall continue to exist. The value of the return for each share could exponentially increase as the prototypes we are developing begin to rake in millions of dollars globally or majorly across the African continent, increasing the valuation of the company. You can invest in Impactnet Africa and earn huge profits through our Mchanga platform here.

Concepts pitching

Every human being is creative, you can always sit down for a time, think of what’s missing in the marketplace or what problem the society needs to solve urgently and then develop a concept paper around it. You can present this idea, in its simplest and most critical form, to any interested investors or clients. There may be several initial rejections, but as long as the idea is good, eventually an investor will get to it and help it flourish. Covid-19 Pandemic season has actually been a season of success for some individuals and businesses. This is because such individuals or businesses quickly developed concepts that gathered the attention of governments and some non-governmental organizations seeking to solve health problems surrounding the Covid-19, capitalizing on sudden opportunities.  Some of the venture capital firms that can accept your concepts or reject them depending on priority include Vector Capital, Viktoria Ventures, Spring Board Capital, and Sequioa Capital. There are many, but these ones have proven to be consistent with serious startups. One can also do their research on nonprofit funding opportunities from Funds-For-NGOs.

Investment in Digital | Crypto Currency

For a long time, I was involved in cryptocurrency investments as an individual. I did a lot of research on which platforms worked and which ones didn’t. In the process, I lost investments in some platforms as they emerged to be scamming sites and gained money in some.  This is the biggest worry with the cryptocurrency market. You don’t know what is legit and what isn’t until one does a lot of research and experimentation. In the process, some experience is earned, some skills are gained and some loses, critical even, are made.

I am now a big fun of cryptocurrencies because I have had several experiences with a few platforms and have managed to know which of these platforms are legit and consistent. I remember leaving some little value of Bitcoin, about six months ago in one of these platforms, not knowing how much worth it would be in the following months. Then just last week, a longtime friend of mine called and told me how well he was doing with this same platform. I got curious and logged in as I am the one that had led him to the same. I was shocked to see how huge the little of value of Bitcoin that I had left there had grown!

Bitcoin is still climbing and is set to reach the peak of 4 times its current value. That means I have no absolute interest in withdrawing that money. I will just leave it there and have it grow without investing it in any other place I don’t trust. Should there be extra money, I would rush to invest it in cryptocurrencies rising in value. These include Bitcoin, Doge Coin, Etherum, Ecoin, Ripple (XRP), Stellar, Cardano, ChainLink, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash.

Joining Digital | Crypto Currency Investment & Affiliate Programs

Closely related to the option above is investment in Cryptocurrency exchange platforms. This is the one place where I have lost and gained money and now completely understand which platforms I can and can never ever touch. I have many on my list that I am yet to experiment on and give a report. But so far, I completely trust the following.

Paxful: This is one of the most respected peer to peer Cryptocurrency exchange platforms globally. This is where I currently have my Bitcoin investments tripling and quadrupling its value. This is the place I have had the perfect record of buying and selling Bitcoins without scammers. It is on top of my list and will remain there anytime. They now have the Paxful Peer program that is earning my longtime friend about 75,000 Kenya shillings a month. All you have to do is just refer your friends, not even invest money. Paxful needs serious profile verification, which includes uploading of national Identity documents like a national ID, Driver’s License or an international travel Passport. To get started, click here.

Solmax Global: When I was introduced to this by a lady friend, I was skeptical at first but as an entrepreneur, I developed an open mind and went ahead to register with them to conduct my usual authenticity experiments. As a partner and a subsidiary of Igniter100, one of the most successful Entrepreneurship Incubators in the United Kingdom, Solmax Global has proven to be reliable and trust worthy. Although the earnings are meager, they are constant and can only expand quickly when your multilevel network increases. This is one place where you can actually make money without putting in any money but just spreading the word. I invested 25 Great British Pounds six months ago, I have just withdrawn 50 Great British Pounds from it, without much effort, just invested, logged out and left and now I am withdrawing my profits. And my money has doubled within six months without much effort. Solmax Global runs email based verification and credentials recovery program. To get started, click here.

BitPay: This was created by the internet Billionaire Mark Cuban.Mark responded to the fact that the mainstream financial markets were stifling the arrival of cryptocurrencies and yet the latter’s dominance of internet and ecommerce was becoming obvious. Mark therefore created a platform where cryptocurrency can easily be bought and sold without peer to peer involvement. In other words, with BitPay, you don’t need to have someone have the cryptocurrency in their account first. You can easily use credit card to buy Bitcoin. BitPay is literally a cryptocurrency bank and now one of the leading cryptocurrency purchase platforms worldwide. BitPay requires serious profile verification, which includes uploading of national Identity documents like a national ID, Driver’s License or an international travel Passport. To get started, click here.

Binance: Binance is a cryptocurrency exchange that provides a platform for trading various cryptocurrencies. As of April 2021, Binance was the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world in terms of trading volume. Binance was founded by Changpeng Zhao, a developer who had previously created high frequency trading software. Binance requires serious profile verification, which includes uploading of national Identity documents like a national ID, Driver’s License or an international travel Passport. To get started, click here.

Etoro: This is an Israeli social trading and multi-asset brokerage company that focuses on providing financial and copy trading services. It has registered offices in Cyprus, Israel, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Australia. In 2018, the company’s value was $800 million. Simply register, look for the best stock traders, make sure you have them on your list, Invest money, digitally copy their corresponding trading habits and watch your money grow as a result of another trading expert’s efforts. Etoro runs email based verification and credentials recovery system. To get started, click here.

Mobicent: Created by George Wahongo, my business partner and part of the Impactnet Africa family, Mobicent or Once Cent Circle aims to tap the potential of the very bottom of the economic chain startup or budding investor.This platform is restricted, for now, to Kenyans only as the iteration processes still go on to expand the market other countries. Mobicent has different investment categories to suit the financial capability of everyone in society. To get started, click here.

Digital Media Content Development

Are you an artist or a content creator? Do you have the skills necessary to create content that will grab attention and pull the audience to your work, whether physically or virtually? Then this is the perfect option for you. Creating compellingly entertaining content and placing them on social media will help gather people to your profile or portal. Since social media giants require some sort of cooperative permission from you in order to advertise to your audience, they will have to get it. And they get it by sharing with you just a small piece of the advertisement revenue they receive from advertisers. Several avenues are available for this option. They include:

Website Development: Do you have a product or service that you want to constantly offer to a digital audience? Do you want digital stability and online credibility in the pursuit of your offer of worthy causes, products or services? Then this is the best way to establish credibility and respect on the World Wide Web. Long ago, website development was left to a few information Technology geeks who would be hired with a lot of money to place products and services online. Now anyone can develop a website and place their businesses or worthy causes online. Such Website builder Portals as Wix, Weebly, Site123, Strikingly, Duda, GoDaddy, Squarespace, WordPress, Joomla and Drupal make it easy for anyone to build a website. All you need is a domain and a host to get things going. For those that are willing to learn how to code, just in case they need to create unique templates, then JavaScript, particularly NodeJS, is highly recommended.

Blogging: This is the use of word based content development portals to create readable content for the world to read. These can include opinions, news (relevant, articulate, unique and entertaining) or serious analytical content for academic purposes. This is one of my favorite ones, this article is a perfect example. The best portals to use for such include WordPress (very easy to use), Blogger and Speechbid (soon to be launched).  

Vlogging: This is the creation of short, attention grabbing, entertaining and audience engaging audiovisual content and then uploading them to the World Wide Web for your audience to enjoy. Now it’s got more advanced to even real time engagement and instant feedback. The best avenues to use for such content would YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, Rumble and Speechbid (soon to be launched).

Product Endorsement: This is majorly for opinion leaders with very huge audiences who have clearly mastered their subject of discussion or performance and gathered a constant, trustworthy audience over long periods of time. Entertainers, News Makers, Inventors, and Political Analysts, Public policy experts and Sportsmen and women fall under this category. Just a simple endorsement of a product or service of any company by them would lead to lots of sales and therefore lead to a big payday for them. The best avenues to use for such content would YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, Rumble and Speechbid (soon to be launched).

Attract Advertisements: This is the use of various methods to bring advertisers to your online portal as soon as its development is complete and seems to trend with a sizable audience. Several methods can be used to achieve this. There’s the WordPress WordAds and Google AdSense as the best two.

Crowd Funding

Although Digital media content development is the best method for artists and activists to earn money online, it has been a problem for those which huge followings but differing philosophical opinions from the corporate ownership of these social platforms. This at times has led to violation of terms of these social media sites, which has consequently, led to demonetization for the individual creators. In such a case, one can still use the social media sites but ask the audience to contribute to their noble effort or cause through online crowd funding. The best sites for such include.

Patreon: This one is particularly famous among Social Media content developers with particular cause or passion to promote or seek support for. Create a cause, a non-profit cause for example and ask your wide digital audience to support you financially. Lots of YouTubers, particularly in the Space Science and Exploration Industry, are now doing this and literally surviving on it. To get started, click here.

StartEngine: This platform is especially ready for already developed prototypes with proven scalability, and to some extent, evidence of financial increase associated with the idea. They will first evaluate whether your startup is worth their platform before they can ever allow you to access their investors. Start engine is especially good for the individual that wants to expand a proven potential for large scale concept, product or service. This is because they attract very wealthy angel investors. To get started, click here.

Kickstarter: This is the best platform to congregate funding for creators, all the various kinds of creators. Unfortunately it’s only available in the European, Australian and North American continents. To get started, click here.

Funded: This is a very good platform for early stage project Prototypes where successful entrepreneurs meet budding ones. You place your profile and that of your company projects or service and hope that your idea will attract investment.  To get started, click here.

Go fund me: This is a generalized funding platform for all causes, could be charity or for profit, but mostly charity or non-profit. It is available in all countries with easy funds transfer protocols but requires you to give your link to the many audiences accessible to you.  To get started, click here.

Go get funding: This is a generalized funding platform for all causes, could be charity or for profit, but mostly charity or non-profit. It is available in all countries with easy funds transfer protocols but requires you to give your link to the many audiences accessible to you.  To get started, click here.

Indiegogo: This is an American crowd funding website founded in 2008 by Danae Ringelmann, Slava Rubin, and Eric Schell. Its headquarters are in San Francisco, California. The site is one of the first sites to offer crowd funding. Indiegogo allows people to solicit funds for an idea, charity, or start-up business. To get started, click here.

Mchanga: This is a generalized funding platform for all causes except political campaigns. It is however only available in Kenya. It takes advantage of both credit cards and mobile money transfers in Kenya to easily transfer contributed funds. It requires you to give your link to the many audiences accessible to you.To get started, click here.

Cheap Adverts on Prototypes

One of Impactnet Africa’s most preferred method of mutually benefitting the buyer and seller in a business is making sure that businesses do not pay heavily pay for advertisements on online communities. This will especially apply to Speechbid, our nearly complete social media platform.

Joining as many online communities as possible

An individual that is in as many as social media groups as possible has the highest possibility of marketing his digital product or service and increasing their number of clients. The challenge with this is relevance to the social media community, but still if the message is relevantly packaged, it can reach the intended audience very well without the threat of exclusion from the online community administrators.

Hope some opportunities here will change your life permanently for the better. For more inquiries, kindly reach out to us at or WhatsApp us at +254727853896  

By Impactnet Africa

Impactnet Africa is a Media, Technology and Public Policy space for in-depth news and analysis on public policy challenges, entrepreneurship and career opportunities.


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